Partial and Complete Dentures

There are generally two kinds of dentures. Partial Dentures and Complete Dentures.You need to take the denture out at night to allow tissue to breath. Dentures help to replace teeth, to maintain muscle tone and to improve efficiency of chewing.

Removable Partial Denture

Partial Denture replaces missing one or more teeth. Denture is a piece of high quality plastic which replaces missing teeth. There are three kinds of partial dentures based on material and durability. Acrylic partial , flexible partial and metal and acrylic mixed partial dentures. Ask Dr. Ken and Dr. Ashwin about which partial is best for your needs.

Video for Partial Denture Procedure

Complete Denture

When there is no teeth present in the upper or lower jaw, complete denture is one of the treatment of choice.

If you need to have all remaining teeth to be taken out due to severe decay or gum disease, we at Fenwick Dental can make an Immediate complete dentures We take mold and make the denture first. As soon as the denture is ready, we take all teeth out and insert the denture on the same day. You may need to come back for minor adjustment due to healing process.We make sure that your denture fits good and you are happy with it.

Video for Full Denture Procedure