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"I have gone to this practice for decades, while under the ownership of the wonderful Dr. Allen, and now under the ownership of Dr. Ashwin. As great as ever. Never a moment's discomfort with any procedure (and I have had so many, including root canals, extractions, bridges, partial denture, and just general maintenance). The staff is wonderful. Special praise for Heather and Abigail." - Perry Fisher

"I received the usual service and professional dental work today. TERRIFIC AS ALWAYS! They treat me as if I was one of the family. From top to bottom I and my wife are treated like Kings and Queens. I say this without exaggeration. Their front office staff and I would say all of their dental technicians, are pretty much top notch. I have been seen by most of them, I believe. Never dissatisfied. A terrific dental team. I doubt you could find a better dental team than Fenwick Dental." - Adolph Perticari

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Partial and Complete Dentures

There are generally two kinds of dentures. Partial Dentures and Complete Dentures.You need to take the denture out at night to allow tissue to breath. Dentures help to replace teeth, to maintain muscle tone and to improve efficiency of chewing.

Removable Partial Denture

Partial Denture replaces missing one or more teeth. Denture is a piece of high quality plastic which replaces missing teeth. There are three kinds of partial dentures based on material and durability. Acrylic partial , flexible partial and metal and acrylic mixed partial dentures. Ask Dr. Ashwin about which partial is best for your needs.

Video for Partial Denture Procedure

Complete Denture

When there is no teeth present in the upper or lower jaw, complete denture is one of the treatment of choice.

If you need to have all remaining teeth to be taken out due to severe decay or gum disease, we at Fenwick Dental can make an Immediate complete dentures We take mold and make the denture first. As soon as the denture is ready, we take all teeth out and insert the denture on the same day. You may need to come back for minor adjustment due to healing process.We make sure that your denture fits good and you are happy with it.

Video for Full Denture Procedure

What is the Difference between full and partial denture?

Full or complete dentures replace all the missing teeth on the upper or lower arch of your mouth. Full dentures may need adhesive to secure them. Not all patients are good candidates for complete dentures. Full dentures depend on suction to secure them and if you suffer from dry mouth this may not be achievable for you. Having tori or a more concave or convex palate can also affect how well your denture will fit. If you are not a good candidate for traditional dentures then your dentures can be attached to Implants to make it fit more securely.

Partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth. Partial dentures utilizes remaining teeth and tissue for support. If the surrounding teeth have bone loss or other conditions that put them at risk of failure your partials can also be attached to dental implants rather than the surrounding teeth.

Types of Partial dentures

There are generally three kinds of partial dentures.

1. Acrylic partial denture

This is the most affordable type of partial denture. However it is temporary denture as it is not the strongest kind. It relies more on other teeth for retention. This type of partial denture is also called a healing partial. It gives you a more affordable tooth replacement to wear as you heal from extractions or other oral surgeries.

2. Metal and acrylic partial denture

This is the most stable kind of partial denture that fits better and more comfortable to wear. The metal gives it strength and allows for the acrylic to be thinner and less of a mouthful compared to the all acrylic partial dentures.


3. Flexible partial denture (Valplast partial denture, flexi partial denture)

This is the most esthetic partial denture with flexible material. It is a good solution when you are only replacing a few teeth; however for long spans of missing teeth it distorts and may cause more bone loss over a period of time.

Partial Denture
Partial Denture

What is the cost of a denture?

The cost of the denture depends on types of dentures, types of materials used, quality of materials used to make them. Please schedule a free consultation!

Types of Complete Dentures

Immediate Denture ( Temporary Healing Denture)

If you are going to lose all teeth due to severe decay or gum disease then an Immediate denture(temporary denture) may be a good option to consider. An immediate denture is made before your teeth are removed and the denture is inserted by the dentist as soon as he has removed your teeth. This allows you to never be seen without your smile. When teeth are removed the bone and gums surrounding those teeth shrinks as it heals. The shrinkage continues for many months.. You should not have permanent dentures made while the bone is shrinking, because the denture will become loose and it will not stay secure. Temporary dentures not only allow you to smile while healing is taking place, but will help you masticate your food during the healing period. During the healing period we can reline the base of the immediate denture with resin material to compensate shrinkage until healing is complete and you will get a more esthetic and secure final denture.

Complete Denture
Complete Denture

Snap On Dentures

Sometimes dentures are hard to wear when you do not have enough bone support the dentures. Snap on denture can be a choice in that case. We place Implant studs and attach the denture to those Implants. The denture will be securely attached to the implants and will not move while talking or chewing. You will find more information about snap on dentures here on our website.


Esthetic Dentures

We use high end dental laboratory to fabricate the most esthetic denture based on individual person's need. We customize your teeth according to your need. If you want to have stain on some teeth or have some coockedness to make your teeth look more natural , it is possible to do with esthetic denture.

Denture Care

Dentures and implants that support them should be cleaned by a dental hygienist every six months. Dentures should be evaluated by your denture each year. Our office also offers free cancer screenings for denture wearers every six months.

Quick Cleaning

  • Never use alcohol or alcohol based products to clean your denture. Alcohol will damage your denture and will void the warranty.
  • Gently brush your teeth with a toothbrush and warm water every time you remove it. Do not brush the denture with a hard brush because it will scratch the shine.
  • Never boil your denture
  • Never use bleach on your denture

Easy Storage

  • Always store your denture in a denture container in distilled or tap water. Pets love to chew on dentures so keep it safe in a container. Keeping it in a container also helps to prevent breakage.
  • Do not use bleach or alcohol-based products for storage. Mouthwash and denture cleaners almost always contain alcohol and will void the warranty.
  • Do not expose your denture to extreme heat or extreme sunlight.