A crown is a restorative material that covers a broken or fractured tooth to protect it from fracturing. It is made up of hard ceramic which harder than enamel. A crown is also helpful to improve appearance of a tooth.

You may need a crown for following reasons:

  • To replace large filling when there is high chance of fracture due to less of remaining tooth structure
  • After root canal, the tooth becomes brittle like a non vital tree. so to protect root canal treated tooth from fracturing a crown is recommended.
  • To restore a fractured tooth.
  • To cover a discolored tooth.
  • As an anchor for a bridge.
  • To straight crooked teeth.
  • Porcelain Crown
    Gold Crown

    Which Material is best?

    We at Fenwick Dental use highest quality materials to make a crown. We use tooth colored materials and gold depend on several factors. We consider the location of tooth, the shade and color and function of tooth.

    A tooth colored crown is good for font teeth and back teeth when teeth are in the visible part of the smile. We use tooth colored crown for most of our patients.

    Gold crown is a material of choice when there is not enough room to hold the crown due to severe wear of a tooth. We recommend that tooth in very few cases and for the very last tooth where it is not visible.

    What do I expect for the procedure?

    It is two visits procedure.

    In first visit, we prepare tooth and take a mold. We send the mold to the lab . We place tooth colored temporary crown while the lab makes permanent crown which usually takes few weeks.

    During the second visit, we remove the temporary crown and permanently cement the permanent crown. We check bite and do minor adjustment before cementing it permanently.