Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening provides an opportunity for you to achieve a glamorous and radiant smile. Our teeth whitening treatments provide dramatic results that include advanced practices and products. We provide take-home kits and practice in-office procedures to accommodate patients with varied treatment preferences. Before we start the whitening process our doctors will do an evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening does not result in any intensive surgical techniques, you can achieve long-lasting results after a successful teeth whitening procedure. The treatment is very popular for their fast results and affordable cost. In some cases, teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity.

The professional at home teeth whitening system is very effective but may take slightly longer to achieve the ideal results when compared to the in-office teeth whitening. To begin the teeth whitening process we start by taking impressions of your teeth. We will use these impressions to make your whitening trays. Your whitening trays are custom made and will only fit your mouth as opposed to store-bought teeth whitening systems which usually don't fit properly and will miss hard to whiten areas like in between the teeth. The custom trays also help protect your soft gum tissue from the bleaching solution, which often is left to leach into your gum tissue when using over the counter or store-bought teeth whitening trays. Once your whitening trays are completed we will meet with you to record the starting shade of your teeth, show you how to use the whitening trays and bleaching solution. 3-4 weeks after your whitening appointment we will meet with you again and record the final shade of your whiter brighter teeth.

The in-office procedure involves the application of a slightly stronger bleaching agent on your smile by a dental professional. Light is often used to activate the in-office whitening solution. This process can be completed within an hour. Depending on the bleaching product used, the color of your smile can be improved by up to eight shades. You can see the results the same day of the treatment. Whitening trays for home use are also provided free of charge for in-office teeth whitening patients. Providing you with at home trays to remove reoccurring stains will help you maintain a bright white smile for many years to come. In-office whitening may result in more sensitivity than take-home whitening trays. If you experience any problems during your teeth whitening process you may also call Dr. Ken or Dr. Ashwin.