Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment simplified is the treatment of canals that run through the roots of a tooth. Those canals contain pulp which is made up of nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Those canals open up into a chamber called pulp chamber which is in the center part of the crown of the tooth.

When decay or fracture reaches the pulp, it causes swelling of the pulp and that causes pain. If it is left untreated then it will lead to infection around the root and leads to swelling of the jaw.

Root canal treatments have in past years been known as a painful procedure, but today root canals are no more uncomfortable than a dental filling. With advancements in anesthetics, dentists are now able to make sure you are numb and comfortable before beginning and throughout the procedure. Dr. Ken and Dr. Ashwin at Fenwick Dental strive to make each appointment as comfortable as possible.

What does treatment involve?

We numb the tooth first and then make a small opening to remove pulp, then we widen the canals carefully. We fill the canal and pulp chamber with a medicated filling material. The entire process takes one or more visits.

After root canal treatment, we place a filling in the top part of the tooth. A crown made of porcelain or metal alloy is usually placed over a tooth to make it strong and to restore the tooth back to its functional shape and size.